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Seminar of relaxation techniques for stress relief

Teach your employees how to relax and cope with negative emotions. Improve their management of stressful situations and alleviate feelings of tension and anxiety.

Proper use of relaxation techniques will increase employee´s concentration, performance and mental resistance. This will prevent the occurrence of work-related
mental health problems (e.g. burnout).


During the seminar we will explain the causes of anxiety and related fatigue, headaches and insomnia. We will teach your employees how to recognize excessive stress on time and explain how to better manage a challenging work pace. We will show them various relaxation techniques, choose the most suitable for them.

Practical seminars will help your colleagues prevent burnouts and other problems associated with excessive stress.

How does RELAXMIND work?

We will organize a theoretical lecture on relaxation and anti-stress techniques accompanied by practical workshops.

Lecture on relaxation techniques

During a one-hour lecture, your employees will learn how to detect excessive negative stress on time. They will find out its effects on their health and well-being. A lecturer will explain effective approaches to cope with a challenging work pace and show to your colleagues techniques for quick relief of tension, stress and fatigue.

Lecture and practical workshop

Let employees to experience the basics of relaxation and anti-stress techniques with practical workshops that will supplement a one-hour lecture. The maximum capacity of the workshop is 15 people.

Follow up with RELAXBREAK

For a long term and the most effective adoption of relaxation and anti-stress techniques, we recommend to follow up the seminar with short relaxation exercises.


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