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Workshop of ergonomics for healthy workplace

Did you know that on average people sit eleven hours per day? We sit on our way to work and back. We sit while having lunch and dinner or getting a drink with friends.

This practical seminar of ergonomics will tell you how to change these habits and make your life behind an office desk more enjoyable!


The physiotherapist and ergonomist will show you different types of sitting positions. She will help you to adjust your work area and teach you how to stretch and relax overloaded muscles when you feel a pain in your cervical or lumbar back.

How FITMIND works?

We will organize a lecture of ergonomics for you and your employees. If you want we will supplement it with practical workshops.

Lecture of ergonomics

During an one-hour lecture you and your employees will learn how to make their life behind an office desk more enjoyable. Our ergonomist and physiotherapist will show different types of sitting positions. She will tell them how to customize the office space, adjust their chairs, tables and working area.

Lecture and worshop of ergonomics

Let your employees to experience the start of healthy musculoskeletal system with practical workshops that will supplement an one-hour lecture. The maximum capacity of the workshop is 15 people. After the seminar your employees can get their work area adjusted by the ergonomist.

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