Health & physical movement for companies


Group exercise for physical activity

Indulge your employees in some regular physical activity directly at your company!

Group exercises focus on maintaining a healthy musculoskeletal system and stretching and strengthening muscles. They are ideal for keeping your colleagues fit, boosting their creativity and reducing their stress level as well as incapacity.

Differetn types of group exercises

Healthy back

Exercise focus on preventing or reducing back pain due to sedentary jobs and poor physical habits. Thanks to the lecture, the shortened muscles are stretched and at the same time the ones that often weaken are strengthened


Lessons stretch and strengthen the whole body. Internal muscles, which are often not used, are activated. Yoga also improves concentration and leads to mental and physical relaxation

Dívka zpěvňuje střed těla v rámci lekce core tréninku

Core training

Lessons help to develop and strengthen stabilizer muscles in the body. Special exercises help to remove various muscle imbalances, restore correct posture, increase mobility and improve fitness.


Developes creativity and increases brain performance

It improves memory, increases concentration and has a positive impact on creative thought processes (imagination and creation of ideas)

Reduces stress and the risk of mental illness

It reduces the level of daily stress and helps effectively prevent mental illness

Improves immunity and reduces incapacity for work

It increases immunity and improves overall level of fitness. It reduces the risk of civilization diseases and employee´s incapacity at work

How does FITDAY work?


Lectures with a trainer are led in the company premises, which are reserved by the employer (e.g. meeting or conferences room)


Lessons take place during or outside working hours according to the employer’s wish. Morning and afternoon exercises last 60 minutes

Maxximum capacity

Maximum capacity is 15 people. Employees register for exercises using our online system

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