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Massages and physiotherapy for pain relief

Get your employees back at ease and allow them to visit a physiotherapist or masseur at your company!
Our specialists will relieve your colleagues of back and cervical spine pain. They will discuss the possible causes of their musculoskeletal problems and will help to solve them.

Why physiotherapy?

Helps to prevent complications

It has a preventive effect and on the basis of examination it helps to prevent complications of the musculoskeletal system

Diagnoses the problems

It identifies musculoskeletal problems and helps to alleviate or correct them. It reduces employees’ incapacity for work

Reduces back and joint pain

It removes pain and problems of musculoskeletal system caused by sedentary job (e.g. back and joint pain)

How does physiotherapy work?

Shortened physiotherapy

Internally, we call it a physio consulting. In one hour, a physiotherapist can help up to three employees. During 20-minute individual visits, he relieves each of them from an acute pain and consult the major musculoskeletal problems. Subsequently, the physiotherapist recommends and shows simple strengthening exercises to the client.

Individual rehabilitation

During one-hour initial examination, a physiotherapist determines the diagnosis of employee’s musculoskeletal system. Individual regular exercises and rehabilitation with the physiotherapists follow – mostly 3 to 5 physiotherapy visits. It is also possible to use only one-hour physiotherapy to relieve acute pain and get recommended basic exercises without follow-up visits.

Online booking

Employees make an appointment with a physiotherapist via our reservation system

Why massages?

Increase of productivity

They improve concentration and increase productivity

Improvement in mood

They improve mood and reduce the feeling of tension and stress
Elimination of fatigue

They help to regenerate and eliminate fatigue

Improvement of immunity

They improve immunity and contribute to the prevention of health problems

How do massages work?

Selection of massage

Choose a type of massage (back, neck, whole body…) and its length. A minimum of 20 minutes, a maximum of 60. In one hour, the masseur can relax up to three employees.

Online booking

Employees make an appointment with a masseur via our reservation system. They choose day and time of the visit

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