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Lack of movement is one of the main causes of incapacity at work. It reduces employee´s productivity, firm´s performance and significantly increases costs of the company. We make sure it will not be like this in your business.

We organize entertaining short stretches for the entire company. As well as regular individual or group exercises for employees in the office spaces. We also bring experts in physiotherapy, ergonomics, relaxation and massages into your company.

Our services
Our services

Webinar for mastering home office

Teach your employees how to have a healthier, more productive and comfortable home office.

We will show them how to adjust their home environment and help to prevent problems of their musculoskeletal system. We will explain the basic rules which they should follow while working on a laptop from the dining table or the sofa. 

Správná ergonomie kanceláře je pro zdraví zaměstnanců důležitá
Our services

Ergonomics workshop for a healthy workplace

Did you know that on average people sit eleven hours per day? We sit on our way to work and back. We sit while having lunch and dinner or getting a drink with friends. This practical seminar of ergonomics will tell you how to change these habits and make your life behind an office desk more enjoyable!

The physiotherapist and ergonomist will show you different types of sitting positions. She will help you to adjust your work area and teach you how to stretch and relax overloaded muscles when you feel a pain in your cervical or lumbar back.

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Stretching for a whole company

Loosen up your employees with short stretching exercises during a busy working day. Improve their mood, concentration and productivity. Reduce their back pain from sitting too long behind an office desk and help them to prevent musculoskeletal problems.

One FITBREAK lasts 15 minutes and is ideal for up to 20 people. In two hours, a lecturer will stretch up to 120 employees in your corporate offices or meeting rooms (including some time for group turns)

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Relaxation for stress release

Unwind your employees with short and regular relaxation exercises during a work day. Improve their mental well-being in 20 minutes and teach them better management of stressful situations.

Relieve them from uncomfortable feelings of tension and anxiety. Improve their concentration, work commitment and overall psychological resistance to a demanding workload.

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Seminar of techniques for relaxation

Teach your employees how to relax and cope with negative emotions. Improve their management of stressful situations and alleviate feelings of
tension and anxiety.

Proper use of relaxation techniqueswill increase employee´s concentration, performance and mental resistance. This will prevent theoccurrence of work-related mental health problems (e.g. burnout).

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Individual exercise for managers and international visits

Help your managers, corporate executives or foreign colleagues to be physically active. Gladden them with an individual treatment/approach and let them to enjoy a sports and relaxation lecture or a visit by a masseur and physiotherapist at your firm.

We ensure one-off as well as regular exercises. Most often, we provide yoga, relaxation, healthy back and core training lessons. However, we will be glad to meet your individual wishes.

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Group exercise for physical activity

Indulge your employees in some regular physical activity directly at your company!

Group exercises for focusing on a healthy back, stretching and strengthening core muscles are ideal for keeping your colleagues fit, boosting their creativity and reducing their stress level as well as incapacity.

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Massages and physiotherapy for pain relief

Get your employees back at ease and allow them to visit a physiotherapist or masseur at your company!

Our specialists will relieve your colleagues of back and cervical spine pain. They will discuss the possible causes of their musculoskeletal problems and will help to solve them.

Our services

FITBREAK VIP Stretching with a sport celebrity

Give an unforgettable experience to your employees and let them meet and exercise with a famous athlete. Let us bring Olympic winners and world champions into your company. For example, the modern pentathlete and gold medalist from London 2012 David Svoboda.

During the following coffee break, your colleagues will get to know a sports celebrity as never before. They will find out actualities they would not expect, such as what a javelin thrower Petr Frydrych ate during his military training in the forest and which books he puts away on his nightstand.

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Every company has different types of benefits. So we are always looking for the best model of cooperation that will suit both – employers and employees. Take a look at our basic forms of collaborations.


FITBREAK and RELAXBREAK take place during working hours and is fully paid by the employer who determines a time range and the frequency of exercises.


FITMIND and RELAXMIND are practical seminars fully paid by the employer.


There are several different forms of colllaborations for group exercises, physiotherapy and massages. You can get to know them on link below.

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